April 2011 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes April 4, 2011

Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto .

Sign check manifest for 28 March 2011 for $ 99,409.53.

Selectmen reviewed  and sign minutes from meeting of March 21.

Art Andereson discussed Town IT support

            -Recommend the town have a IT firm on retainer for support

            -Off site backup discussed

Selectmen approved PO for 1 additional Minitor for  $500.00

Selectmen signed an intent to cut for Map & Lot 411-3

Selectmen reviewed E-Mail from ECS Marin re monitoring of old town land fill

Parks & Rec reserved Jones Hall for a meeting on 5/1/11 @ 4pm

Selectmen signed a letter to town departments regarding procedures in any accidents involving town owned vehicles

Janet Robar was sworn in as Deputy Tax collector

Meeting adjourned  at 10:30pm


Select Board Minutes April 11, 2011

Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Tom Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay.

Sign check manifest for 11 April 2011.

Review and sign minutes from meeting of 4 April 2011.

Appointments to be sworn in.

Review 1st quarter Unemployment Compensation Claims report.

Complete Timber Tax Assessment Worksheet for 406-004 & 402-039.

Marlow School District Minutes.

Citizen Planner Collaborative – April 14, 2011.

Computer maintenance.

See email from PSNH with revised Smart Start Payment Options.

Town Office Inventory.

Mason & Rich Audit report.

Update on ambulance.

See letter dated March 30 from US Census Bureau.

Update on Landfill.

Zoning Ordinance.


Select Board Minutes April 18, 2011

Present:  Bob Allen, Mark Lanier, Thomas Fuschetto & Jacqui Fay

Lou Paturzo came in to discuss deeding issue for Map 405 - 046.

Signed check manifest for 18 April 2011 for a total of $7,252.79.

Reviewed and signed minutes from meeting of 11 April 2011.

Check issued to Loretta Hull, ambulance will be collected from Leon ’s and put back in service tomorrow morning.

General Information & Sales Analysis received from CNP.

Signed PO to Southworth –Milton Inc.for  $600.00

John Salo came in to discuss Budget committee meeting 1st quarter review

Selectmen  reviewed copy of preliminary damage assessment – March 6.

Signed Timber Tax Warrant  for Map 406-004 & 402-039.

Sign March bank reconciliations.

Selectmen reviewed correspondence from DRA ref equalization,Will ask John Hatfield to comment..

Selectmen reviewed  US Census information.

Selectmen reviewed report from Competitive Computers.

Selectmen review ambulance RFP.

Select Board Minutes April 25, 2011

 18:00 – Hazard Mitigation Committee meeting held and updated plan.

Sign check manifest for 25 April 2011  For the amount of $ 88,390.63.

The Rossarios came in to discuss renewing the pilot program for Marlow Hydro current agreement expires in March of 2012 

Robyn Fillaman regarding property on Flag road

Bretton Walsh Treasure for the Library came in to pick up checks also discussed annual budget items, IT services and High speed internet services for the libary.

Selectmen reviewed letter dated April 15 from Bragdon, Dowd & Kossayda ref proposed dry fire hydrant on Lucille Emeric’s property,  town will not pursue this location for a dry hydrant.

See email dated April 15 from NHDES ref Healthy Waterfront Property Workshop.

Mark Bragg has passed IS700.

Sign amended Timber Warrant.

Selectmen reviewed email dated April 20 from Monica Blair, ECS ref proposal for Fire Station Site Investigation. Bob Allen to follow up with DES

Selectmen approved mileage for Executive Administrator to attend RCC meeting on April 26th.

Discussed old landfill deed – see letter dated March 4, 1977 from Cristiaino, Kromphold & Green. Bob Allen to check with DES to identify deed issues.

Selectmen discussed Equalization Ratio & BTLA  based on the appeal.

Sign Forest Fire Bill.

 Additional payment received from LGC for ambulance.

Authorize transfer of $85,000 from savings to checking account.