April 2010 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes April 5, 2010

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $11,557.99.

Ø  Minutes signed from March 22, March 29 and March 25.

Ø  David Eisenberg appeared to inquire about RadiusNorth.  Selectmen will meet with RadiusNorth to discuss terms of a contract for the Town’s space on the cell tower to hopefully provide more coverage for high speed internet service.  Dave Eisenberg also has some wood that he would like to donate to the Highway Department.

Ø  Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø  PO signed for mounting tires in the amount of $150.

Ø  Letter from Sand Pond Executive Committee received thanking the town for passing the warrant article giving the Lake Host Program $500 and outlined their intent to employ a young person from Marlow.  Letter to be filed.

Ø  Current use application signed for map 407 lot 46.

Ø  Jacqui to pursue any monies being held by the state for the fire and police departments.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed the calls for service for the ambulance and the operating budget, no increases will be requested in the fees charged to the Towns of Lempster or Gilsum.

Ø  Selectmen reviewed US Cellulars payment, a 5% increase will be due in June 2010.

Ø  Timber tax warrant signed for Map 406 lot 080.

Ø  Timber tax assessment worksheet completed for Map 409 lot 36.

Ø  NRRA communications reviewed.

Ø  PSNH communication reviewed and filed.

Ø  David Eisenbergs email was passed over as he had appeared in person earlier in the meeting.

Ø  Annual dues were received by NRRA.

Ø  Chief Avery came.  Mark Lanier had been in a number of discussions with various dealers to look for a new and used police cruisers.  The best deal that could be found was a new vehicle from Hillsboro Ford that was ordered by another department but canceled.  The price for the new vehicle would be $22,500 as a base price and could have additional options added at this time.  Mark has looked at approximately 15 vehicles.  Selectmen decided to move forward with the new cruiser at Hillsboro Ford.

Ø  email from Dennis McKenzie received, reviewed and filed.

Ø  Unemployment claims reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter from Rymes reviewed and filed.

Ø  Abatement signed for Polak Yakil in the amount of $20.10.

Ø  The selectmen received request for payment from Mary Blank for purchases she made on behalf of the Town.  The selectmen authorized reimbursement but will not do so in the future as all puchases should go through the town as the Town has a number of municipal accounts and or a credit card for miscellaneous purchases that when used provide further discounts and benefits for Town and a clear paper trail for future audits.

Ø  P.O. signed in the amount of $22,376 as an initial commitment to purchase a new cruiser for the Police Department, funds to come from the capitol reserve fund.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Select Board Minutes April 12, 2010 

Present:  Dan Kinson and Mark Lanier

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $30,904.52.

Ø  Burl Brown has been separating metal from the metal dumpster into more expensive categories and feels that it would be worth it to separate it out.  Right now the metal dumpster is being paid at the bottom rung.  Selectmen approved his plan to separate out the metals into different categories to maximize the money coming into the Transfer Station.  Selectmen will review the money that is made over a three month period and then look at the situation again.  Selectmen were appreciative of Burl’s effort to find savings and make the Town more money.

Ø  Letter from Jen Little, Treasurer reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter signed to Gilsum re: ambulance fees being reviewed annually.

Ø  Elizabeth ’s Sharp’s resignation as a supervisor of the checklist was accepted and filed.

Ø  Email from DES was reviewed and filed.

Ø  Jacqui to call RC Bradshaw and find out why the charged priced is different than the quoted price.

Ø  One P.O. for a smart charger was held until Selectmen can get more information on the specs to see if it can be found cheaper than $850 listed on the P.O.

Ø  P.O. signed for $500 for a pump engine.

Ø  SWRPC newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  Jacqui’s mileage approved to go to training.

Ø  Abatement signed for Map 412 lot 13 as the inventory form was submitted on time.

Ø  Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø  PA-29 filled out for Allan and Nancy Tomasko

Ø  Timber tax warrant signed.

Ø  Marc Spinale wanted to come on 4/19, the time was agreeable to the board.

Ø  Reconciliation reports signed.

Ø  BTLA’s for Odd Fellows and Historical Society reviewed and filed.

Ø  Letter from Francestown Planning Board reviewed and filed.

Ø  Abondoned property claim forms signed.

Ø  MS-26 reviewed and filed.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Select Board Minutes April 26, 2010

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye 

Ø  Check manifest signed in the amount of $8,213.77.

Ø  Mark Spinale from Radius North is still interested in coming to Marlow.  They have a few questions.  Had proposed an in kind arrangement for space on the cell tower.  The service they bring in will not reach everyone in town; they can bring in a coverage map to show the board as an estimate.  The board is concerned about making sure that the town buildings would have coverage.  They would need around 10 ft of space.  They would bring the service in from Pitcher Mountain .  They could provide Wimax which doesn’t have the penetration through the foliage but would provide a more cost effective pricing package.  The next step in the process would be for the Town and Radius North to reach an agreement on the terms.  In the mean time Radius North will send the Town the frequencies and technical specs to be sent to US Cellular to make sure that their equipment will be compatible. 

Ø  March bank reconciliation signed.

Ø  Current use application signed for Map 405 lot 21.

Ø  Linda Fuederer dropped off volunteer hour documentation forms to be signed by the board.

Ø  Tony- Donna Chase has a concern over the speed limits on Church St , it was sent to Ken.  Selectmen will look into what is needed to complete a traffic study and review the speed limit on Church St based on the concerns that have been voiced. 

Ø  Legislative Bulletins reviewed.

Ø  The Town may benefit from the new laws regarding insurance, Jacqui to apply at years end.

Ø  NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø  STD claims report reviewed.

Ø  Intent to cut signed for Honey Brook State Forest .

Ø  Department of Safety agreement signed.

Ø  Selectmen decided to join the coalition communities.

Ø  Current use application with stewardship was reviewed and signed for Map 412 lot 42.1.

Ø  Meeting adjourned 9:50pm