School Board Minutes of Regular Meeting April 2010

 April 14, 2010 / Minutes of Regular Meeting / Marlow School Board / John D. Perkins School, 7:30 p.m.

Present:                         Joseph Scharf, Board Chair

                                      Ernie Perry, Board Member

                                      Stephanie Tickner, Board Member

                                      Marcia Levesque, Board Member

                                      Ken Dassau, Board Member

                                      Phyllis Peterson, Principal

                                      Wayne Woolridge, Co-Superintendent of Schools

                                      Tim Ruehr, Business Administrator for Towns

                                      Kathy Selvidio, Recording Secretary

Present for all or a portion of the meeting:  Bob Allen, Karin Asseng, Mark Lanier, Joyce Lanier, Debbie Kuffel, Joshua Conley, Donna Chase, Ted Aldrich, Jaye Aldrich, Gen Ells, Jacqui Fay

1.  Call to order:  Mr. Scharf called the meeting to order at 7:38 p.m.

2.  Approval of Minutes:  Marcia Levesque made a motion to approve minutes from March 11, 2010 (R) and March 31, 2010 (S), Ernie Perry 2nd the motion, vote taken, 5–0, motion passed.

3.  Hearings of Individuals and/or Groups:  Gen Ells asked Mr. Scharf if he received the mail that she had sent, asked if he had any comments?

Mr. Scharf had received the mail and had no comments.

Debbie Kuffel had some points she wanted to make after the last meeting, had made some calls and done some research.  Wanted to know what they as taxpayers could do to help?  Expressed her opinions regarding the development of an advisory team to come up with a superior education while keeping affordable taxes, spoke about the impact of local taxes on taxpayers.  Had an overall concern of the town’s involvement in SAU 29.  Feels that people should be discussing the direction they want to go with the school; should we remain independent, regionalize with Stoddard/Nelson, go to Surry Charter, go to Goshen/Lempster, tuition students out, make the school a municipal building, go to Fall Mountain.  Ms. Kuffel did a cost comparison between schools and looked at salaries for principals and secretaries.  Is there a way we can cut down on our secretary position? 

Mr. Scharf pointed out that he recuses himself from any votes that may have to do with his wife and her position.

Jacqui Fay questioned the board on how the proposed cut will be applied to the budget?  Mr. Scharf said that it will be announced when the new budget takes effect on July 1st.

Discussion ensued on local taxes and those that are affected.  Mr. Scharf pointed out that the board members are taxpayers as well and are concerned.  They, as a board, are restricted by what they are allowed to do or say.

Mr. Dassau stated that they are elected officials.  The public can elect to vote us in or vote us out.  They are here to listen, but do have limited time to do so. 

Ms. Chase spoke about the lack of raises that local families are getting and stated that it is irking people that the 3% raise has been given to teachers while many are going without.  Mr. Scharf stated that the budget was approved with a $60,000 cut; the board will cut the $60,000 no matter what.  Ms. Ells stated that it is the principle of the thing; a raise just doesn’t look right at this time.  Ms. Ells did share that the board’s time and energy is appreciated. 

Mr. Ruehr wanted to share that he put forth the 3% raise and the board adopted it as well.  He feels the problem stems from declining enrollment and reduction in state aide.  Board wants to work as an arm of the community, feels that there is more common ground between board and taxpayers than people think.

Much discussion ensued on the 3% raise and this being a bone of contention with the taxpayers. 

8b.  Future of Marlow School Committee:  Mr. Scharf said that the meeting is proposed to take place on May 12th at 7:00 p.m. prior to next month’s board meeting.  At this time would like to hear from folks whether they want a school in Marlow or not.  Would like to hear pros and cons and hear alternate proposals.  Ms. Fay asked if this meeting could be posted or advertised separately in an attempt to notify as many people as possible.  Mr. Scharf stated that to allow more time they could start the board meeting at 8:00 p.m.  The Board instructed Mr. Ruehr to place ad in the Sentinel to advertise the meeting.

4.   Bill and Manifests:  Joseph Scharf moved to accept checks #5002003–5002030 in the amount of $59,421.21 and checks # 5002000–5002002 in the amount of $793.86.  Stephanie Tickner 2nd the motion, vote taken, 5–0, motion passed.

5.   Financial Report:  Mr. Ruehr shared the Report of Revenue and Expenditures for Marlow School District.  The current net available is (1,853.00) but Mr. Ruehr will be releasing purchase orders soon and this should put the budget in the black.

          Employee Benefits Policy #5016:  Mr. Scharf had a letter from staff for the board to review regarding use of personal day language.  Would like them to reconsider taking out the use of Friday or Monday. 

Discussion ensued on this issue.  The Board instructed Mr. Ruehr to relax the language on this and bring back next meeting for a 2nd reading.

6.   Reports:

          Principal:  Mrs. Peterson reported on the following:

·       AYP

·       Department of Education visit

·       Future of Perkins School

·       School Year 2010–2011 and staffing

·       Response to intervention

          Co Superintendent:  Mr. Wooldridge reported on the following:

·       Governor announced budget cuts

·       Senate Bill 486

·       Cyberbullying House Bill 1523

·       Building Aid Suspended

·       Transition Aid

May 17th, 7:00, KHS SAU Meeting

June 7th, 7:00, KHS AREA Meeting

There was some discussion around the possibility of inviting a Representative from the State to come and listen to board concerns, maybe combine with Keene and other towns.

Marcia Levesque asked how many special education children are at the middle school and the high school over the past five years.  How many of our children go to the special education programs at these schools.  Mr. Woolridge will ask Mr. Devoid to research.  Ms. Levesque feels that it seems that our children are not being admitted into such programs (i.e. Bridges). 

          Board Members:  None

          SAU Committees:  None

7.       Old Business:


8a.  Re-Organization of School Board:  Mr. Dassau made a motion to nominate Joe Scharf as board chair, Stephanie Tickner 2nd the motion, vote taken, 5–0, motion passed.

Joe Scharf made a motion to nominate Stephanie Tickner as vice chair, Joe Dassau 2nd the motion, vote taken, 5–0, motion passed.

Joe Scharf made a motion to keep all board positions and assignments the same.  Stephanie Tickner 2nd the motion, vote taken, 5–0, motion passed.

8c.  Reaffirmation of School District Policies:  Joe Scharf made a motion to reaffirm Marlow School District Policies, Stephanie Tickner 2nd the motion, vote taken 5–0, motion passed.

Negotiation Committee for 2010-2011 will be Joseph Scharf and

Marcia Levesque.

9.   Future Agendas: 

·   Employee Benefits Policy #5016

·   School Board Meeting Schedule

10. Non-Public Session R.S.A. 91-A:3

A motion was made for the Board to move into Non-Public Session under the provisions of R.S.A. 91-A:3 at 9:02 p.m. to discuss staff/student personnel.  All in favor 5-0.  Accompanying the Board was Mr. Woolridge.

Mr. Dassau made a motion for the Board to return to open session at 9:17 p.m.  All in favor 5-0.

Discussion ensued regarding preparation for the May meeting.

Mr. Scharf asked the SAU to look into the deed of the Perkins School.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Kathleen Selvidio
Recording Secretary