April 2009 Select Board Minutes

Select Board Minutes April 6, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $43,259.71.

Ø    Loretta agreed with the board about the proposed increases in ambulance fees for the

 Ø    Jim Ingalls came with questions about his outdoor boiler and value to be added to his property, he was given a tax credit application to fill out.  He also had questions about what size building required a permit, by the new ordinance a building of 200 square feet or more would require a building permit.

Ø    Bob spoke with Barry Cox; the selectmen will wait to get a copy of his report for the town employee policy.

 Ø    911 liaison was decided that it should be a responsibility of the planning board; selectmen also felt that since the position of drug liaison dealt with personnel issues and should be a responsibility of the board of selectmen.

 Ø    Jacqui will contact Nancy McGrath to see if Marlow has any high risk dams and if so schedule a meeting on the weekend to have her show the selectmen.

Ø    Audit time frames reviewed, Mark to follow up.

 Ø    Arboviral Education Materials to be kept in town office for reference.

 Ø    NRRA newsletter reviewed and filed.

Ø    Survey results from Langdon reviewed and filed

 Ø    Current use application Map 409 lot 016, selectmen will send the check back to lost cloud as the land has already been recorded in current use.

Ø    PDIP withdrawal signed in the amount of $25,000 to cover the cost of the fire truck payment.

 Ø    PA-29 map 203 lot 75 needs further documentation.

 Ø    Letter signed to the Town of Washington.

 Ø    No action was taken on the surveyor in court and the Resource Conservation Challenge.

Ø    Changes to NHPDIP forwarded to the treasurer.

 Ø    Fixed assests reviewed and filed.

 Ø    No community woodbank to be established at this time.

Ø    Selectmen will fully review the grant programs from the economic stimulus

 Ø    Executive Council District 2 reviewed and filed.

Ø    NHOEP newsletter reviewed and filed.

 Ø    RCC mileage approved.

 Ø    Full Circle newsletter reviewed and filed.

 Ø    News from Monadnock radio group policy on news broadcasts reviewed.

Ø    Sample notices for transfer station reviewed, no further action taken.

 Ø    Marlow School District minutes reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Legislative bulletin reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Larry Leach inquired about the cell tower, at this time the town attorney gave more feedback and comment on the contract with more proposed changes that will be sent back to US Cellular.

 Ø    March Account balance signed.

 Ø    The Board voted to send notice out to all department heads to stop all non essential spending.

Ø    Request from the school for a mock evacuation site, selectmen felt that Jones Hall would be the most appropriate place for the mock evacuation.

Ø    NHRS update reviewed.

Ø    Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Select Board Minutes April 13, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $118,569.37.

Ø    Art Schmid was sworn in as a member of the Planning Board.

Ø    Selectmen signed a mutual aid agreement for the fire department.

 Ø    So far Tom Foote, Tony Davis and Mark Lanier will be on the Fire Truck purchasing committee.  There still needs to be one more member from the Fire Department, one from the Budget Committee and one from the public.  Selectmen were hoping that Lou would be willing to join the committee from the Budget Committee given his background in Fire.  Tom will attempt to contact and find more members as he has found some trucks that look like possibilities.

 Ø    David Mclanahan came in to request an abatement for payments.  There was a $7.35 balance on his account, what he thinks may have happened is that he took the 2% discount off from the total amount not realizing that it included penalties for not returning his inventory.  He requested that the selectmen look into.  Selectmen stated they would look into the matter but could not promise any affirmative action.

 Ø    Letter from DES reviewed and filed with map and lot.

Ø    Community Action Report reviewed and filed.

Ø    Selectmen reviewed Banknorth lease agreement for the fire truck.  Truck will be paid off in 2013.

Ø    Equalization rate from DRA was reviewed and filed.  Rate is 87.1% for year 2008.
Ø    Selectmen will review the draft copy of personnel policy and come back next week to send a single response to Barry Cox with questions/comments.

Ø    NRRA newsletter, reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Liz Thayer was sworn in as Deputy Treasurer.

 Ø    Jacqui to call LGC to find out rates on insurance as required by the contract with US Cellular.

Ø    Legislative Bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø    Manatron statement will be $1,672.41.

Ø    Current use application for Map 406 lot 22 processed.

Ø    SWRPC newsletter reviewed.

Ø    March Account balances reviewed.

Ø    Mason & Rich invoice received for services provided.

Ø    Current Use applications filed. For Map 409 lot 46.

Ø    PA 29 processed for Map 203 lot 75.

 Ø    Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

 Select Board Minutes April 20, 2009

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $4,523.03

Ø    There are a number of errors in the planning and zoning book, planning board will be reviewing them at their next meeting.

Ø    Flood Insurance forms reviewed and filed.

 Ø    PA-29 for Tom Foote approved

 Ø    PA-29 for Richard and Delores Balben approved.

Ø    Letter from Cool Monadnock reviewed.

Ø    Work force housing sessions reviewed and forwarded to the planning board.

 Ø    Legislative Bulletin reviewed and filed.

Ø    Letter from Trident insurance company reviewed, currently the town has its insurance with LGC and receives significant discount by having all its insurance with one agency, no interest in changing insurance companies at this time.

 Ø    Dwelling response form given to the building inspector to complete.

 Ø    District two executive counsel news release reviewed.

 Ø    Timber Tax billing reviewed and signed.Road Business reviewed and filed

 Ø    Interoperability day reviewed and filed.Forest Stewardship plan for map 407 lot 5 and map 402 lots 30 and 32 reviewed and filed.

 Ø    Mark Spinale from Radius North has a company that can provide a high speed wireless solution; the company covers small towns and provides coverage.  The areas of interest for the companies would be locations that have a clear line of site to Pitcher Mountain.  They feel that the service provided would be equivalent to DSL.  They have residential equipment that can do 3 mbps download speed or commercial plans which have higher speeds.  Plans for residential range for about 39 to 75 dollars per month.  The installation cost is $389 which is competitive with the satellite companies.  Selectmen thought that this sounded like a beneficial service for residents of the Town and would like to see the company expand this way and could possibly look at using some space on the cell tower.  The company will be in contact with the Town.

Ø    The vacuum for the Town Office still works at this time a new vacuum was not budgeted for and will not be purchased.

Ø    Cell Tower- insurance: our insurance will go and assess once construction is complete.  The Town cannot use their lawyers for claims against US Cellular.  Also workers comp can only be for Town employees cannot extend to US Cellular.  Selectmen discussed issues of taxation, building permit fees, insurance and space for the town and felt comfortable proceeding.  Once the agreement is executed US Cellular will send a check in the amount of $4,000.

 Ø    PDIP signed in the amount of $60,000.

Ø    Dog complaint will be sent to Chief Avery.

 Ø    Current Use Application for Map 405 lots 51 and 52 needs some clarification.Application signed for a grant to reimburse the town for money expended on the landfill.

 Ø    NRRA newsletter reviewed.

 Ø    Meeting adjourned 10pm.

Select Board Minutes April 27, 2009 

Present:  Dan Kinson, Bob Allen, Mark Lanier and Jacqui Faye

Ø    Check manifest signed in the amount of $6,123.21.

Ø    Intent to cut signed for Richard and Heidi Chevalier for land located on Marlow Hill Rd.

Ø    Dave and Vesco came in to file a complaint against the dog kennel on Baine Rd.  The dogs continue to bark for excessive periods of time beginning at 5 am and lasting intermittently throughout the day.  Mr. Vesco stated that the problem has persisted since 2003 without resolution.  He is tired of getting the run around and tired of hearing that nothing can be done if Chief Avery doesn’t personally hear the dogs barking.  Mrs. Vesco stated that when the dogs are barking she will call Ken directly.  Mr. Vesco stated that he called the Sheriffs Department Dispatch to lodge a complaint and they stated that Chief Avery would get back to him.  Mr. Vesco wants 1. Chief Avery to get back to him.  2.  Chief Avery to notify him of when a kennel inspection takes place and the results of the inspection and 3.  To notify the town that he will hire a lawyer to bring about resolution to this matter and the town will have to pick up the costs because of the stimulus money coming into Cheshire County.  Mr. Kinson cautioned him to fully research the matter before taking action on step 3, as he did not want to see Mr. Vesco get stuck paying a legal fee.  Selectmen will write a letter to the dog owner, forward the comments and concerns to Chief Avery, if the problem persists Selectmen will attempt random site visits to verify on an official basis Mr. Vesco’s complaint.

Ø    Minutes signed from April 20, 2009.

Ø    Signed current use application signed for Luellen Finch.

Ø    Email reviewed from Nancy McGrath there are no high risk dams in Marlow and no need to set up a meeting.

Ø    FEMA notice of map amendment reviewed, file map and lot.

Ø    DES memo re: auto salvage yard reviewed, there is a handbook on line should selectmen need to research information further.

Ø    BTLA proposed changes to the rules:  there will be a public comment session on June 15, 2009 at 9 am in Concord.

Ø    Forest fire report approved.

Ø    David Bedell Newell pond rd has yet to be maintained this year, this year the maintenance has been sub standard compared to past years.  There is a lot of pot holes, washboard and harsh conditions on the road.  Mr. Bedell would like the road fixed as soon as possible.  Selectmen will forward the report to the Road Agent.

Ø     Letter reviewed and signed to the DRA disputing the equalization ratio of 87.1%.

Ø    Letter referenced the swine flu sent to the Health Officer and copied to the selectmen, dealt with receiving information from the State of NH in the event of an outbreak.  Letter reviewed and filed.

Ø    Jacqui was approved to become a notary.

Ø    Discussed status of the Capitol Improvement

Ø    Reviewed Cool Monadnock meeting on May 20th will check schedules to see who can attend.

Ø    Swine Flu updates /press releases will be posted @ the town office, Jacqui will be dusting off our Pod plan

Ø    Pending Grants

o      Laptop for Police dept.

o      Street lighting and energy efficient measures in municipal buildings

o      Broad band indicatives

o      USDA Grants for town hall roof & new energy efficient windows

      Meeting adjourned 9:00pm