Marlow Historical Society

PO Box 12  
Marlow, NH 03456

Membership Chairman: Maria Baril, 603-446-2292


Fall 2018

The Marlow Historical Society was established on May 18, 1976. Its first officers were Allan W. Plumb, Margery G. Davis, Audrey M. Benson, Marguerite A. Rhoades, and Beatrice E. Andrews.

Officers elected in 2018 are Maria M. Baril, President; Barry Corriveau, Vice-President; Pat Strickland, Treasurer; and Patty Little, Secretary. The three directors are Rhonda Lake, Joanne Thomas and Ed Thomas

The mission of the society is to illuminate and preserve Marlow history. We own two historic structures: Murray Hall (formerly the Excelsior Grange) on Forest Road, and the Hearse House on Church Street..

After many years of fund raising and restoration work, our Murray Hall museum finally opened to the public on July 1, 2018. Hours are 10:00am to noon, on the third Sunday of the month, from May to October. To enhance our collection we feature special temporary exhibits. In 2018, for example, we displayed an outstanding array of Odd Fellows paraphernalia on temporary loan from Marlow Forest Lodge #69. A second exhibit: “Marlow Voices from the Past”, created by Ed Thomas, featured vintage Marlow post cards with wistful messages from long ago.

The Historical Society has 108 members. Many of them live in other states, and some are descendants of old Marlow families. Membership dues and donations are our main source of income, and membership categories are:

Student (full time) or Senior Citizen - $7.00
Individual - $15.00
Family - $25.00
Sustaining - $100.00
Lifetime - $250.00
Benefactor - $1,000

We also have Historical Society merchandise for sale: tee shirts, caps, Marlow History books, note cards; and our book of Marlow poetry from the time of the settlers to the present day, entitled Marlow By Heart. Contact any one of the board members if you would like to purchase something.

We publish three newsletters a year: Winter, Spring/Summer and Fall. It is distributed to our members and is posted to this website. Copies are also available at the town library and town office.

The Marlow NH Historical Society, Inc. is registered as a non-profit 501c Corporation with the State of New Hampshire, and as a Charitable Trust with the NH State Attorney General’s Office.

Announcements and Events

Fall 2018 Newsletter

This month the Society features articles on the "Founders", those pioneering men and women who banded together to begin the ongoing journey to uncover and promote Marlow's wonderful history. Contributed by a collection of writers, we hope you will enjoy this look at those whose legacy we still honor today! Click here to read more...

Marlow Historical Society to open new museum space to the public next month

June 11, 2018

MARLOW - A few years ago a person could walk through the double wooden doors of Murray Hall into a cozy foyer and then cavernous, dreary hall that had been left to the passage of time.

Today, a person can enter the same historic building and be amazed by the hall’s transformation into a museum showcasing the town’s history. Read more...

Marlow By Heart: Poetry of a Small New Hampshire Town

The Historical Society has compiled a book of Marlow poetry through the decades - from the 18th century to the present - matched with historical images and beautiful pictures by local photographers. The front cover is a watercolor by Marlow artist Stephanie Tickner, titled, "Ashuelot River from the Bridge to Cheshire Earth." 

The books are $15.00. Contact the Marlow Historical Society at PO Box 12, Marlow, NH 03456, Maria Baril at 603-446-2292 or to purchase one. The books are also available at the Marlow Library. Click here to see larger images...


Marlow Historical Society Greeting Cards Available

These sketches were created by Randy Plotts and come in sets of 10 cards with envelopes for $5 per set.
Available by calling Maria Baril at446-2292. 

WMUR's NH Chronicle - Thursday, April 28, 2016 - The Great Marlow-Stoddard Fire  

Remembering the great Marlow-Stoddard forest fire, seventy five years after it scorched four towns over four days

You can watch the archived video here...

Posted: Monday, August 17, 2015 12:00 pm

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff

MARLOW - Local lore has it that sometime around the 1840s an elephant and her trainer came to town. The elephant’s name was Lady Betsey, and she came all the way from Calcutta, India. But where Lady Betsey went after her rumored visit to Marlow remains a mystery  including whether she left the town at more...

Bill Gnade / Sentinel Staff