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Odd Fellows Third Sunday Breakfast Buffet
Easter Sunday, April 20

8:00 - 11:00am
5 Church Street

Only $7 for adults and $4 for kids

Scrambled Eggs
Baked Beans
Real Home Fries
Biscuits & Gravy
French Toast Juice
Corned Beef Hash
Coffee (decaf & regular)

Seconds are ok!
April 2, 2014

Status Update from the Marlow Community Alliance

The Marlow Community Alliance Board of Directors is currently researching several potential properties in downtown Marlow. We are also actively fundraising, both with grant opportunities and with local events. Our original timeline predicted that in the first year the Board would be developed, corporate and non-profit status would be completed and planning grants would be written - and hopefully funded. We are still within our first year activities and feeling positive that, thus far, our timeline continues to be accurate.

Please check the events tab of our Facebook page for upcoming fundraisers - our Fundraising Committee has many exciting events planned in the coming year, both to raise money for this project and to also bring the community together to support our mission:

To provide goods, services and the opportunity for our community to expand by supporting educational, economic, workforce, and community development in Marlow and surrounding towns, while maintaining the rural and historical character of our region, and:

To retain and promote citizenship and encourage investment in our shared communities.

Please stop by the library to purchase a ‘got gas?’ long sleeve t-shirt for just $20 to help with start-up costs (insurance, filing fees, etc). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at marlowalliance@gmail.com. We look forward to working with all of you for the success of our community!

Thank you!
Marlow Community Alliance Board of Directors

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February 27, 2014

February 22, 2014

The Odd Fellows of Marlow Forest Lodge #69 is seeking support for their 5th Annual Scholarship Fund Drive for graduating seniors from Marlow who plan to continue their education to any accredited or state technical/vocational school. Deadline Wednesday, March 5. Read more here...

February 26, 2014  

There are many interesting articles in this edition including Life on a Marlow Dairy Farm, Tidbits from Marlow's Surprising Genealogy, and the Marlow Soldier's Memorial. Read more here.

December 4, 2013

Update from the Marlow Community Alliance

Due to a name conflict with a non-profit in Jaffrey, the New Hampshire Secretary of State's Office has requested we remove 'connection' from our name. We have received confirmation from the Secretary of State on our new name: Marlow Community Alliance! Our new email address is Marlowalliance@gmail.com - and please continue to check our Facebook page (Marlow Community Alliance) and our page on the Marlow Community website for updates on our progress. Thank you for your patience and your support!
The Dogs of Marlow fundraiser calendar available
at the Marlow Town Library
$10 Each

All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to create a nonprofit to build a store and gas station in town. Click the image to see a larger view.
A bit of history
This town, a largely undisturbed agricultural community on the
northern border of Cheshire County, is the prototype of a Yankee rural village.It was granted in 1753 under the name Addison, in honor of Joseph Addison, British essayist and poet, and Secretary of State for England, who signed the appointment papers making John Wentworth Lieutenant Governor of New Hampshire under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts in 1717.

Although there are persistent rumors that Marlow is named for the English poet, Christopher Marlowe, it seems more likely that, like many New England towns, Marlow is named after a place and the name "Marlow" recalls Marlowe, England. Perhaps some of our early settlers came from that region.

A New Hampshire source supports this view: New Hampshire: A History, Resources, Attractions, and Its People volume 1 by Hobart Pillsbury. He wrote, "It was re-granted in 1761 to William Noyes and others and named Marlow after an English town" (Pillsbury, p 234). Genealogical research on the origins of Marlow's settlers might shed light on the issue.
 The picturesque village center, with its white church, Odd Fellows Hall, Town Hall and lily pond is one of the region's most photographed scenes and often the subject of an artist's brush. Marlow is the site of many marks of glacial action, and minerals are still found here. A woodworking industry once used the water power of the Ashuelot River to produce tools, furniture and wooden buckets from lumber cut nearby.