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The Keene Sentinel picked up the story about the history book the 3/4 grade students in Marlow have created.Check it out!

Hometown diva: Marlow students create book about
opera singer native to town

    •  October 7, 2018

As part of a local history project, the students in grades 3/4 at the Perkins Academy of Marlow wrote and illustrated a book about the life of the world-famous opera singer, Calista Huntley Piccioli (also known as Maria Calisto), who was born in 1841 in Marlow, NH. The class worked together to write the text, create the illustrations, and learn about the past.

The book is available for $15 by contacting Leah Giles at lgiles@sau29.org. All proceeds from the book sales will go directly to supporting more student-centered local history projects like this one.

Marlow Historical Society Fall 2018 Newsletter

This month the Society features articles on the "Founders", those pioneering men and women who banded together to begin the ongoing journey to uncover and promote Marlow's wonderful history. Contributed by a collection of writers, we hope you will enjoy this look at those whose legacy we still honor today! Click here to read more...

A bit of history
This town, a largely undisturbed agricultural community on the northern border of Cheshire County, is the prototype of a Yankee rural village.It was granted in 1753 under the name Addison, in honor of Joseph Addison, British essayist and poet, and Secretary of State for England, who signed the appointment papers making John Wentworth Lieutenant Governor of New Hampshire under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts in 1717.

Although there are persistent rumors that Marlow is named for the English poet, Christopher Marlowe, it seems more likely that, like many New England towns, Marlow is named after a place and the name "Marlow" recalls Marlowe, England. Perhaps some of our early settlers came from that region.

A New Hampshire source supports this view: New Hampshire: A History, Resources, Attractions, and Its People volume 1 by Hobart Pillsbury. He wrote, "It was re-granted in 1761 to William Noyes and others and named Marlow after an English town" (Pillsbury, p 234). Genealogical research on the origins of Marlow's settlers might shed light on the issue.
The picturesque village center, with its white church, Odd Fellows Hall, Town Hall and lily pond is one of the region's most photographed scenes and often the subject of an artist's brush. Marlow is the site of many marks of glacial action, and minerals are still found here. A woodworking industry once used the water power of the Ashuelot River to produce tools, furniture and wooden buckets from lumber cut nearby.

Regular Events

The Marlow Town Library at Jones Hall Presents
Free Movie Night

Join us on the 1st Friday of each month at 7:30 pm for some family friendly fun at the Jones Hall Theater 12 Church Street, Marlow, NH

Click the "Free Movie Night" link to see what is showing next!

Proceeds from the sale of refreshments benefit
the Jones Hall Renovation Fund.

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